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Sandi Hall's
writing career has spanned twenty-eight years and covered a variety of mediums from novels, to the stage and screen.

Her first novel, The Godmothers, written for an adult readership, was published by the prestigious Women’s Press in London, England, in 1982. The novel was translated into German and Danish, and the 1984 American edition spent several weeks in the top ten on the Women Writers’ best seller list.

Her second novel, Wingwomen of Hera, created for a young adult readership, was published in 1986 in California and won an American Library Association Award in that category in 1987.

The Godmothers and the Cosmic Botanist trilogy which kicked off with Wingwomen of Hera, were Sandi’s exploration of the ‘what-if’ future fiction genre.

This type of fiction was very popular in early feminist-future writing because it allowed feminist writers to imagine very different societies, ones in which women were able to be adventurers.

In one memorable story by Ursula le Guin, a female intelligence was embedded into the heart of every starship’s guidance system. Another memorable story, by Joanna Russ, The Female Man, prefigured the rise of today’s transgender community, giving a voice to all those who feel trapped by their birth personas.

In Sandi’s Rumours of Dreams, she spins a very different understanding of the Mary/Jesus story, one with a darker heart than usually seen. This topic too is well-addressed by feminist writers, showing our understanding of the perils for women which lie in the practice by religious fundamentalism of confining women to only biological roles.

Sandi’s latest two books, Paekakariki Mischief and Public Sex in Paekakariki  are much lighter, humorous novels.  Her feminism is still apparent in her strong women characters. It has also helped her create interesting male characters, who, like their female counterparts, are engagingly flawed.


For the first time, in these two novels, which are linked by being set in the same village, Sandi now concentrates on exploring those two primary strands of our human existence, love and sex.

A full range of Sandi’s work can be seen in the Books section. > Read full biography

Sandi Hall's new book
Public Sex in Paekakariki by Sandi Hall
Public Sex in Paekakariki

When nurse Margaret Spindle discovers a lovely but travel-worn pregnant stranger asleep in St Peter’s – one with no handbag or luggage except a bulging black rubbish bag – she turns for help to her closest friends, life partners Fay Dalgety and Ruth Bone.

Finding answers to the puzzles presented by these strangers, as well as why Mrs Deepthi is hurt, leads all three women on a sometimes dangerous magical realism dance, with the truth finally found in Freddie Tasco’s sumptuous bed. > More
Sandi Hall's new book
Paekakariki Mischief by Sandi Hall
Paekakariki Mischief

In a departure from her sci-fantasy books, and feminist novels, Sandi’s newest novel, coming in 2011, is a light-hearted tangle set in the real village of Paekakariki, New Zealand.

It follows the adventures of Marla Rivelli, who moves to the village just as its denizens are preparing to fight for a set of traffic lights, and Charles Harrier, who implies he is an IT geek but secretly is a successful art forger. > More

Sandi Hall's new book
Days of Blood and Gold by Sandi Hall
Days of Blood and Gold

In the days before money on
Mediterranean Crete, girls and boys
are training to master the
dangerous skill of leaping the
long-horned bull Zeiaphus for the
Spring Games, but cannot manage
to put their personal desires aside.

Leaper Ecrytus, handsome as Apollo,
struggles with his lust for shy Timas
while tall Atthis dreams of being
chosen for the central role in the
sacred Spiral Leap. > More
Sandi Hall's new book
Days of Blood and Gold by Sandi Hall
The Unpacked Heart

Probably her most overtly lesbian novel since The Godmothers, in The Unpacked Heart Sandi explores the rise of courage and resourcefulness in melancholic Daisy Cairns.

Daisy is a lesbian who, in trying to keep a child safe, becomes the focus of murderous intent by a pig hunter in the remote New Zealand bush.

Sandi has high hopes that this novel too will be published in 2011 (being read by a lesbian feminist publisher now).> More
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